Ocean Floor.

Color Ocean Floor.
Each bag = 80 Pounds.
Minimum order of 30 Bags if out of South Florida Area.

Durazzo Offer an optimal range of color designs that are factory to perfection. Your pool can become an axtension of your dreams. And if you are so inclined, you can even custom bled our premium finish to invent an exquisite poolscape that truly begest originality. Ask you pool representative for a complete presentation of our product line.

Pre-Blended/Ready to use, confortable, smooth, variety of colors, reduces maintenance, and ease of applications.

Complete three-part master specifications are available for Durazzo installations. Contact you pool representative for details.

You can rest assured that the highest quality products have been used and is supported by the best warranty program in the industry. It is a sign of our commitment to archive the highest quality standards in all our swimming pool and spa finishes.

Price: $32.38

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