Pool PVC Niche.

Part Number: 79206700
Large PVC Niche for Concrete.

Plastic Niches

Plastic Niches for Swimming Pools and Spas
Gunite Plastic Niches - therse plastic concrete niches are molded of high strength, corrision resisteant PVC with a one ince PVC hub. Both 450 and 3/4in reducer busings are included. Gunite models feature rebar tiw-backs and a plaster ring for clean, simple installations and all are packed with a gunite/plaster shield.

QuickNiche - One look at the QuickNiche is all it takes to see that this is a product that really lives up to its name. It is an easy to- install, super-sealing light niche for vinyl liner pools. It features a revolutionary lock-ring design that mounts and seals like a vinyl inlet fitting fast, secure, and totally leak proof

* Gunite Plastic Niches:
* Exclusive cord seal grommet (Accessory sold separately)
* Large and small models
* Rebar tie-backs
* Plaster ring for secure sealing
* Internal/external bonding lugs
* High strength PVC construction
* Rear one inch PVC hub
* Includes 45 degree and 3/4 in. reducer bushings
* Includes gunite/plaster shield

Price: $46.00

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