Deck Drain 3″ Aluminum Top.

Item No FLO-AT3 White
Flowmaster 3 A/T Deck Drain
Color: White and 10' Base w/top cap.

See Drain Fittings too.

Aluminum Top Commercial Deck Drain
Flowmaster A/T provides a high traffic drain designed to "transfer the weight" applied to the top of the drain, to the concrete.

Flowmaster A/T's wide design is ideal for commercial use or other applications that require a durable drain capable of removing large quantities of surface water.

Flowmaster A/T features a snap-on, removable cap for easy access. It is recommended that you drill and pin (3/8" rebar) the base at 3 foot intervals to stabilize againts any movement in the concrete slab.

Color Available: White, Almod, Clear, Bronze and Cooper.

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